• Self-adhesive aluminium foil

    Self-adhesive aluminium foil

    Among other things, this product is used as a vapour barrier in sauna construction. 

  • Aluminium foil for measuring layer thickness.

    Aluminium foil for measuring layer thickness.

    This product has a heat-resistant adhesive cover suitable for road building. The product is applied before asphalting work is carried out and is secured in place using the laminating adhesive. The foil reflects the measurement beam emitted by the measurement device, thereby enabling the device to measure the layer thickness of the asphalt.
  • Bitumen tapes and pallet covers

    Bitumen tapes and pallet covers

    Watertight protection against corrosion for the packaging industry. Covers pallets, thus providing tailor-made protection for palletised goods.
  • Self-sealing PVC adhesive tape

    Self-sealing PVC adhesive tape

    In this case, the product itself has no adhesive power, but it sticks when it is wrapped under tension.
  • Shielding fleece - self-adhesive

    Shielding fleece - self-adhesive

    This product is used for electrical shielding, to provide EMC protection or protection against electrosmog and also to protect against galvanic corrosion.