Back in 1994, the businessman Günter Heermann and the engineer Klaus Schroeder founded a small manufacturing workshop for laminating adhesives and cutting in Gerderhahn near Erkelenz. This was the birth of the company we now know as KLEMAFOL GmbH. 
After just a short period of time, KLEMAFOL succeeded in carving out a niche for itself with a speciality product: The company was the only manufacturer to produce cost-effective conductive platelets that are used as height adjusters in double floors.

The high-quality of the materials used to make these platelets was unique (and remains so to this very day). Consequently, when the two founders sought a buyer for their company in 2009, they quickly found interested parties. Selecting Gerd Kleemeyer of GERA Chemie as their successor made most sense, as GERA manufactures and markets a multitude of other products in the general area of floor construction.

In 2010, KLEMAFOL relocated to Mülheim an der Ruhr with its new managing director. Since then, both the workforce and revenue have continued to grow satisfactorily. With its new team – under the experienced technical leadership of Martin Reiss and with competent support from office manager Katrin Prochnow since 2013 – KLEMAFOL is ideally equipped for all future tasks and projects in the areas of cutting and adhesive technology.

Klemafol GmbH 
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